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Fachmessen 2013

Thema:Online Project-Based Learning with International Teams

Globalization, increased competition, and uncertain economic
climates are motivators for firms to consider international
projects, partnerships, and offshore opportunities. The
most significant challenges here are related to communication,
cultural differences, processes, and project management
skills. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and
Kennesaw State University (USA) offered the collaborative
course “International Project Management” as a teamtaught
online international business course with global virtual
teams of German and American students, which simulated
the international team environment likened to global
operating companies. Online communication concentrates
on the development of leadership skills and knowledge
management. The International Project Management was
offered in a mini-mester format in fully online version. Students
watched video lectures in project management and
global business, go through team training, interacted with
faculty and student cohorts via online meeting collaboration
tools, and developed and submitted course deliverables
as team output through a course management system.
The key success factors were: the teaming process using
personality profiles tools and the Mt Everest team decision
simulation; usage of the project management tools from
the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) for
structured communication and planning for project execution;
and prompt and detailed feedback from the professors
for interim deliveries. For international teams, addressing issues
of international communication is a distinct advantage.
E-Teaming as a pedagogical method in international education
enhances interdisciplinary learning, knowledge transfer,
and project based applications for technology and managerial

Erstellt von: Simone Keim