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Fachmessen 2014

Thema:axxelbox: transparent FTP-acceleration via Internet

File Transfer Protocol is the most common file transfer solution on
long distances via public and private networks and is nowadays supported
by almost all operating systems.
However, being based on the 30 years old TCP if offers only limited
data rates which are insufficient for many novel networked applications.
Placed at an Internet access link of a corporate network, axxelBox
unifies a full-featured firewall and a WAN acceleration appliance.
While securing corporate Internet access, it unleashes legacy FTP
and accelerates it up to 2.5 Gbit/s on long distances - even in presence
of heavy network impacts like round-trip delays, delay jitter
and packet loss.
Developed in a tight cooperation with the firewall manufacturer
axxeo GmbH as well as with Tixel GmbH - a supplier for world-fastest
file acceleration solution TIXStream, axxelBox provides a unique approach
by offering a completely transparent and content-agnostic
FTP tunneling via Reliable WAN Transfer Protocol (RWTP). So, with
zero adaptation effort at the edges of the network, axxelBox extends
your FTP-based network application to a globally distributed application
or workflow.
A comfortable Web-GUI allows easy deployment and maintenance
even by a network beginner.
Besides the licensing of the technology, developed within the axxel-
Box-project, the Future Internet Lab Anhalt offers customization of
applications and protocols for high-performance data transport in
optical, wired and wireless networks.



Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

Erstellt von: Simone Keim