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Fachmessen 2017

Thema:Big Data Transport, Backup and Distribution for Cloud Environments

Your data is everywhere. Now.
- Data distribution over WAN
- 99% of available bandwidth utilization
- Up to 10 concurrent 1 Gbps data streams over one socket
- Point to point mode of up to 10 Gbps in one stream
-  No additional network equipment
-  The easy API for own muligigabit - capable applications
RMDT is a library, which provides an interface to build applications
for delivering data in a reliable point to multipoint fashion over continents.
It is reliable and very stable even under bad network conditions
(high delays, losses, jitter). There are a lot of mission critical
tasks, which must have a stable transport systems such as data
replication on web applications caching systems, heavy content distribution,
scientific data exchange (earthquake monitoring, weather
forecasting etc.).
RMDT comes with fast, stable and reliable solution, which is able to
serve as a highway for your traffic. RMDT supports up to 10 reliable
concurrent streams of 1Gbps, which can distribute a data to the
destinations located at the different places of the Earth. Protocol
contains a set of novel algorithms and technologies, which is subject
of more than 8 man-years of research and development at the Future
Internet Lab Anhalt.Need a custom solution or develop your own
application? RMDT offers an API for C++ which enables you with an
opportunity to start using a multigigabit transport solution in a few
simple steps.

Halle 6/ B24


Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

Dr. D. Kachan

Erstellt von: Simone Keim