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Kolloquium an der Hochschule Anhalt

Am Dienstag, dem 9. März 2010, findet um 16.00 Uhr am Standort Köthen der Hochschule Anhalt (FH) ein Kolloquium zum Thema „Lactic Acid and Lactic Acid Based Polymers program at the National Chemical Laboratory – our experience“statt. Der Vortragende ist Dr. Sanjay Nene vom Nationale Chemical Laboratory, Pune, Indien. National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India had embarked on a major program to identify both energy and chemicals from renewable feedstock. One of our interests is to develop platform C3-C6 chemicals that will be a sustainable source for a wide variety of other chemical moieties that are currently derived from petroleum feedstockIn 2003 NCL initiated a Lactic acid and lactic acid based polymers program. The first phase resulted in development of a laboratory scale process for production of lactic acid from sugarcane juice using a mutant developed in NCL. The second stage of the program which started in 2006, focused on the establishment of a 300 tonnes/annum pilot plant for the production of polymer grade lactic acidThe lecture will provide some insights on how the program was developed and some of the interesting experiences and outcome.Das Kolloquium findet im Technologiezentrum Köthen, Konferenzraum 032, statt.