Studiengänge Fachbereich Design

Integrated Design

A traditional, yet innovative approach in a both historic and fascinating setting right next to (and in) the Bauhaus. The MID program incorporates the essentials of design: communication design, product design, space, audiovisual and digital media. These are blended through rigorous fundamental training and interdisciplinary problem solving. This progressive international program focuses on the development of intercultural competences. It uses the truly synergetic power of a working environment with students from various countries and cultural backgrounds. The program requires a high level of media competence. Projects are based on both practical and experimental research. Students are encouraged to come up with systematic, creative and individual solutions. International designers, visiting artists and other specialists will support projects according to the topic and their professional area of specialization.

AbschlussMaster of Arts
  • abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium in Design, Architektur, Kunst oder Kunstgeschichte
  • Sprache: TOEFL
  • Sonstiges: Portfolio, Empfehlung
Studiendauer3 Semester (90 Credits)
StudienbeginnWintersemester und Sommersemester
Studienschwerpunkte- Integriertes Design (Visuelle Kommunikation, Produktdesign, Zeitbasierte Medien)
- Design Thinking und Design Research
- Synchronisation unterschiedlicher Vorkenntnisse in allen Designdisziplinen
- Professionalisierung, Expertise und Lehrkompetenz
BemerkungenBewerbung bis 31. Oktober bzw. 30. April
Studiengang in englischer Sprache
AkkreditierungDieser Studiengang ist von der AQAS bis 2018 akkreditiert
Fachbereich4 - Design
StudienfachberatungProf. Uwe Gellert
Prüfungs- und Studienordnung30_MA_MID_PSO_2012_BER_2013.pdf
StudiengangsflyerIntegrated Design .pdf