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Thema:SmartLighting – Energy-saving Intelligent Street Lighting System

The SmartLighting project represents a novel approach to a problem of energy consumption for public street illuminating systems, providing up to 90% power savings during a night operation period. With the proposed concept of a object detection, the SmartLighting system will rely on a objects movement, providing a necessary lighting zones depending on their movement direction, while the “empty” street areas remaining dark. This “object-dependent” approach assures a huge economical potential in a form of decreasing the street lamps' working time, which leads to a fewer overall power consumption as well as prolonging a life cycle of the lamps.

The SmartLighting concept is assumed to be highly flexible and compatible with most of the street illuminating systems, and totally based on its own set of sensors and communication algorithms upon either wireless (802.11, 802.15.4) or wired (PLC) link-layer protocols, which form the working sensor network. An unique auto-configuration algorithm, based on IPv6 addressing scheme, provides a robust and autonomous deployment of any number of communication nodes on the street lampposts, shaping the SmartLighting zone of a specified size.

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 Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

Prof. Dr. Ingo Chmielewski

Erstellt von: Simone Keim