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Titel:How to present your ideas or give a speech
Zeitraum:13.07.2016 11:30 Uhr bis 13.07.2016 12:30 Uhr

In todays business world and as a founder it becomes increasingly crucial how to present your story, pitch your idea and most importantly: the personality behind it.


Most great speakers started from zero or a state of anxiety to promote their ideas. Their rhetoric fundament as well as their abilitity to juggle the words to reach hearts and targets increased over the years due to one little secret: practice


Therefore this course in a nutshell wil make you familiar with most important basics when it comes to presenting and speaking ans will provide you some hands-on tips to survive your first on-stage experience.

Ovations for the brave included. Entrance free.

Where: Köthen, Mensakeller.

Erstellt von: Christian Schöne