1) What is the Buddy Program?

The Buddy-Program is an initiative of the international office of the Anhalt University. Studenta of the Anhalt University help new  international students with their questions and to settling in. This peer contact enables better familiarity with the city and university campus. Meeting another students is very important at the beginning of an exchange semester. This contact stimulates the interaction between people of different cultures, languages and backgrounds and gives the opportunity to share experiences made abroad. These partnerships often transform to real long-lasting friendships. As a part of their studies buddies get involved into this supporting activity on a voluntary basis. We appreciate your engagement in this programme very much and couldn’t have maintained this service without your willingness to stand by.  


2) Should I speak foreign languages fluently in order to be able to take part in this program?

You don’t have to be a linguistic genius, but knowledge of the English language is very beneficial.


3) Does the international student, who will be given a hand, speak German or should I translate everything for him?

Not all of the international students can speak German fluently. In most cases knowledge of the German language is not very good, but you don’t have to translate everything for him.


4) Is the buddy job going to be paid?

No, buddies work on a voluntary basis.


5) What  are the benefits of participation in the the buddy program?

You meet potentially nice and interesting people. You can put your knowledge of foreign language into practice and improve it. You have the opportunity to see things from a different angle and broaden your own horizon.


6) Will it be possible to get certificate form y participation in the buddy program?

At the end of the programme you will get a certificate, which shows that you participated in the buddy program.


7) Is it possible for me to get Credits for my participation in the buddy program?

Yes, principally it is possible. The participation gives you the opportunity to get Credits for the module ‘‘Studium Generale‘‘ (for Bachelor students of the Anhalt University). For that purpose you have to consult the examining board of your department and apply there for credit exemption.


8) How much time should I invest into the Buddy program?

The Buddy job is flexible and based on personal agreement. As a rule the job is more intensive right after the arrival of the guest student, but then tapers off. Take into account that you will need approximately 2-4 hours per week for your buddy job.


9) What public authorities should be visited?

The list with the public authorities is written in the buddy guide, which you will get after the buddy training. There you can get some information on what has to be done and in which order as well as to have a look at the documents that your charge has to show by visiting public authorities.


10) Will I get the list with all the public authorities which have to be visited?

Yes, you will find the list with all the public authorities in the buddy guide that you will get after the buddy training. In addition to it, there is a checklist that makes the buddy job easier for you.


11) Should I host the international student in the first days after his/her arrival?

No, but you should help him/her find suitable accomodation as early as possible before his/her coming to Germany either in the student dormitory or in a private living apartment. If the student still hasn’t found an appartment and you want it, you can let him/her stay overnight at your place. But it is a very private issue and you are not obliged to do it. 


12) Should I give him/her financial aid?

No, you don’t have to support your charge financially.


13) Should I help him/her with studies?

You are not obliged to help him/her with studies. It is up to you to decide, whether you feel confident and have time for it.


14) What cultural aspects should I take into account?

Please, take into account that your charge comes from another country, where other cultural realities and behavior patterns prevail that can be very different from German ones. Please, also take into consideration the religious pecularities especially when it comes to Muslim guests. Be a good host and show the incoming student, how things in Germany are functioning.


15) What is happening at the Buddy training?

The Buddy training includes getting to know other buddies in an easy atmosphere in order to prepare them for the buddy job. During a short intercultural training the buddies will have the opportunity to be in the international student’s shoes and to have the experience of being new in a foreign country. Moreover it is coached how to work on a team and questions as well as dos and don’ts of the buddies are explained. Students also have the opportunity to ask the buddies from the previous semester about their experience and possible difficulties which can result while being a buddy.


16) When does the buddy training takes place? 

As a rule, the buddy training takes place 2-3 months before the arrival of your charge either in January for the winter semester or in  July for the summer semester. 


17) Will it be possible to get a check-list with the things which need to  be done?

Yes, you will get a check-list with the things which need to be done?


18) Who can I contact if I have problems or difficulties?

Should you have questions or problems, contact the buddy coordinator from the international office immediately: studybuddies@hs-anhalt.de 


19) What are my tasks as a buddy?

Buddy-volunteers are in charge for one or two international students. Their tasks include getting in touch with the person before arrival, help with finding an accommodation and moving in, first steps in the city and at the university (public authorities, contact persons).


20) If I am going to make an exchange semester will it be possible for me to get such kind of support form as well?

Yes, if you are going to make an exchange semester, it might be possible that your host university also has a buddy system.