PLUM Nights Description


PLUM Nights is a weekly event taking place on the Dessau Campus every Sunday evening. It is an alternative, cultural event with the aim to promote cultural diversity and encourage interaction between international and German students. Organised by volunteer students from DIA in collaboration with AG Kultur, the evening takes shape of an informal gathering where food is shared and movies discussed. These are the highlights of the evening. Every week PLUM Nights focuses on a particular country from which interested students, together with PLUM select a movie to be screened and prepare a simple menu of traditional food tob e served during the night.

The selected movies deal with politics, war, discrimination, history, youth, love, sexuality and a myraid of other topics, which help to portray current or past situations on dofferent cultures and countries. At the start of each semester PLUM launches an application for expression of interest for students to choose a date for their evening and schedule is prepared.

Porters are printed and distributed around the campus every week for every different screening and more than just promotion, these help the event to keep real presence among the student life on campus. Every Tuesday afternoon students are eagerly waiting to see the new poster design and more importantly to see what movies awaits them at the end of the week.

Promotion is also done through social networks platforms like Facebook and DIA-Live, but more importantly via word of mouth. These limited but very efficient promotion methods seem to be having quite a good feedback as most of the events are packed. The reaction of the participants is very positivie and this can be observed through the interest shown by students; eager to put their counry’s name down the waiting list.

Over the past 3 semesters PLUM has seen it’s venue move from the student house most commonly known as hardenberg to an occasional summer courtyard screening to a now official new fixed location in Building 6 in Buachausstraße. AG Kultur generously provide this venue. These changes in venues have also seen an increased popularity with German students, which although their numbers in Dessau during the weekend are very limited, their presence has been increasing.


written by Aleksandra Shulevska & PLUM team