International student meeting ‘‘Orangerie‘‘


‘‘Orangerie‘‘ is the local get-together of all Anhalt University’s students. It is organised by tutors from the international office and takes place every two weeks during the semester. Orangerie offers international and local students a wide range of cultural events. There are small theme parties, where students are served with the domestic cuisine of different countries. International students, as well as other guests are more than welcome.

Managed by the team of international and German students of the Anhalt University, Orangerie is a place, where students meet their fellows and build new friendships and people from different cultures become closer.

The world is „colourful“.  This has been the motto of the Anhalt University already for a very long time. No where else in Germany is there such a huge amount of international students who have come almost from every corner of Earth.   Long ago this pecularity came to the attention of Orangerie’s organisation team. Their observations resulted in coming up with the idea to create a student cafe, where traditional food of every country represented at Anhalt University would be served. The international student’s club in Martin’s Chruch was chosen as a permanent location for Orangerie. Martin’s church is situated on Leipziger Street in front of the petrol station named ‘‘JET‘‘. The rooms offer a lot of space for decorations. Tutors from the international office try very hard to decorate the rooms for every theme party.  

Students have found the idea captivating and went along well with it. Lots of them are interested in intercultural meetings, that’s why they want to use the opportunity to get in touch with new people and know more about their backgrounds as well as to expand their own outlook. For every event the organisation team has chosen a certain country which should be presented at the day of meeting. So it gas given many students the opportunity to meet people from Brasil, Vietnam, Ecuador or China, and to talk to them and enrich themselves with the new knowledge about the homelands of international guests as well as about traditions, customs and habits which are typical for this or that country.

Moreover there are also events devoted to German culture and history. Every Orangerie meeting is served with traditional dishes from the chosen countries. Plenty of students have been inspired by Orangerie and have become regular guests. Most of all, students like the opportunity to talk, play and laugh with each other in a cosy atmosphere. Also international students go there with a huge desire to master their language skills enjoying the opportunity to interact with local people. Some of them have even met their friends there. To sum up, Orangerie is by far one of the brightest spots of stundet’s life in Köthen and in any case worth a visit.


translated by Anna Shkurikhina