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Public TV and radio licensing fee (Rundfunkbeitrag)

International students living in their own flats, in shared flats (Wohngemeinschaft/WG) or student residence halls need to pay a contribution towards using the provisions of German public TV and radio broadcasters (This includes the public TV stations ARD and ZDF as well as the national public radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio). This fee is deducted per household. If you share bathroom and kitchen in your student residence or you share a flat with others, every individual in this unit needs   to pay a part of this contribution.

One of you will receive the invoice and is responsible for paying the fee.

Service phone:
018 59995 0100
Mon-Fri: 7.00 - 19.00 hrs.

website: www.rundfunkbeitrag.de  [German only]


Here you find FAQ about Runkfunkbeitrag.