Visa / Residence permit


Contacting the local Foreigners' Office and providing documents and information is a must for every international student. The employees at the Foreigners' Office are legally entitled to end your stay in Germany and can ask you to leave the country if you do not follow guidelines and cannot provide proofs/documents requested of you.

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Any change in your status has to be reported to the Foreigners' Office of your place of residence in Germany.

Contact them, if you have

  • Moved house / changed your address in Germany

  • Want to change your degree programm in Germany

  • Want to change your university in Germany

  • De-registered from your university in Germany (Exmatrikulation)

  • Have received a new passport


International students have to contact the local Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbehörde).

There are different regulations for EU students and Non - EU students. Please check.


Please download this PDF to get more information for international students (including EU and Swiss nationals).