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Re-registration (Rückmeldung)


At the end of each semester you need to re-register for the following semester by transferring the semester contribution (€ 76.00) to the university’s account within the deadline.

Should you be required to pay other charges for your degree program at Anhalt University, you need to transfer these as well, together with the semester contribution and to the same account.


Please follow this example with your data:

4056321_RM20151_Kostov, Andrej



your personal student ID number (Matrikelnummer)


RM20151 :

‘RM’ stands for ‘Rückmeldung’ (re-registration), followed by the academic year which your transfer refers to (here: 2015), followed by either ‘1’ for re-registration for the summer semester or ‘2’ for the winter semester.


Kostov, Andrej :

Provide your family/last name, followed by your first/given name, and separate these using a comma.


Contributions are towards student services (Studentenwerk) (€ 70.00) and

a fee towards membership in the student union (Studierendenschaft) (€ 6.00).


Re-registration for the next summer term 2015