Health insurance

Should you need a health insurance with a German provider, please contact the local branches of the statutory health insurances (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung).

Should you require a German statutory health insurance do contact one of the following offices:

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt
Gliwicer Straße 1
06842 Dessau-Roßlau
Phone: 0800 2265726

Stiftstr. 11
06844 Dessau-Roßlau
Phone: 0800 332060170


DAK-Gesundheit Servicezentrum Dessau
Am Alten Theater 9
06844 Dessau-Roßlau
Phone: +49 340 5407420


IKK gesund plus
Zerbster Str. 37
06844 Dessau-Roßlau
Phone: +49 340 540670


TK Dessau
Franzstr. 159
06842 Dessau-Roßlau
Phone: +49 340 8707100



Servicstelle Halle

Große Steinstraße 82

06108 Halle Saale

Phone: +49 345 13 33 41 00


Important information on health insurance cover as a student in Germany:
Every student enrolling at a German public university is basically required by German law (Social Security Statutes / SGB, paragraph 5, section 1, no. 9) to take out a statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung).

This insurance will cost you about € 85.00 / month. There are some exceptions to this law. You are legally required (according to Paragraph 5, Section 1, No. 1 of the Residence Act / Aufenthaltsgesetz) to submit proof of a valid health insurance cover for registration at Anhalt University and for successful application for a residence permit in Germany.




Please NOTE: We can therefore recommend to only taking out travel insurances for the short time after your immediate arrival in Germany but not for longer periods of time or your entire stay at Anhalt (enrolment at Anhalt University taking effect on either 1 October for the winter semester or 1 April for the summer semester).