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Psychosocial Counselling

University life and studies come with numerous challenges. Apart from changes and success, there are issues such as coping with the demands of student life and curriculum, exam nerves or personal issues. These and other problems are part of life and most students are faced by one or the other over the course of time. They are, nevertheless, often not easy to cope with. Our counsellors are there for you if an issue threatens to turn into a major crisis. Do contact your local team of psychosocial counsellors for issues such as:


• study difficulties (Lernschwierigkeiten)

• exam and presentation nerves (Prüfungsangst, Redeangst)

• change of subject area (Fachrichtungswechsel)

• dropping-out (Studienabbruch)

• writing disorders (Schreibstörung)

• contact disorders (Kontaktprobleme)

• fears and mood/depression (Ängste und Depressionen)

• relationship issues (Partnerschaftsprobleme)

• psychosomatic complaints (Psychosomatische Beschwerden)

• low self-esteem (Selbstwertprobleme)


Do come and see us if you do not yet know what the problem is that is troubling you.         Counselling is free of charge.


Ms Backhaus

Ph. +49 3496 55 48 48


E-Mail: psychosoziale-beratung.koethenstudentenwerk-halle.de

Please call/write to make an appointment.


Counselling sessions on campus Köthen:
Wednesday 17.00 - 19.00 hrs,

Open advice sessions:
Every 2nd Wednesday/month, 16.00 - 17.00 hrs.


Dining hall Campus Köthen (Mensa)
Fasanerieallee 1a, 1st floor

06366 Köthen

Session during non-teaching periods (February/March, August/September)

may vary. Please check notice boards.




For updates and changes please check: