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Social Advice

Personal finances of students are often an issue and in some cases can even lead to dropping-out of university altogether. Social counselling staff are here to bring
these issues up together with you and work on individual solutions, so that you do not make rash decisions which you might regret later on. Staff offer advice and counselling on social, financial and general issues. Comprehensive counselling is also offered to international students with their particular requirements. Amongst others, our service covers the following areas:


• taking on jobs and social insurance matters

• financing issues

• services and benefits for students

• health insurances

• studying and parenting

• studying with special needs

• integration support for international students

You may also see us with regard to any sort of conflict you are faced with. We may also be of help with financial funds, can offer free meals and support towards acquiring text books and study materials.

Ms. Uta-Signe Römbach
Ph. +49 345 684 7520
Email: sozialberatungstudentenwerk-halle.de

Counselling session on campus Köthen during term time:

Thursday 14.00 - 18.00 hrs.


Dining hall Campus Köthen (Mensa)
Fasanerieallee 1a, 1st floor

06366 Köthen


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