IT on Campus

IT - Pools

There are a number of IT pools on Köthen Campus, though not all of them offer Internet access

Students may use the IT pools during classes and also outside classes.

Once you have registered at Anhalt University you are automatically entitled to use Wi-Fi technology provided. Amongst the papers you receive upon registration at Anhalt University is a sheet entitled ‘Wichtige Informationen’. This states your login and password (Passwort).


Please note the following:

  • You need to follow the house rules for the IT pools.

  • It is not permitted to make changes to hardware or software components on pool computers.

  • Only departmental system administrators are entitled to install/un-install applications etc.

  • Please contact departmental system administrators in case of system faults or breakdowns.

  • Data is only saved on IT pool computers you are logged on. Once logged off, all data is removed.




Please contact following person if you have problems or you need any help:


Department 5

system administrator Heike Hennicke

ph:+49 3496 67 3117

Lohmannstr. 23

Ratke-building, room 208

06366 Köthen

Department 6 

system administrator Rüdiger Winkelmann

ph: +49 3496 67 2441

Am Hubertus

building 73, room 224

06366 Köthen


Department 7

system administrator Michael Bieniek

ph: +49 3496 67 2516

Am Hubertus

building 73, room 324

06366 Köthen