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Membrane Structures (distance learning)

The Master and Archineer® program is a distance learning program next to professional life, held in English language only. It is established to create a reliable standard of education in the field of textile building. The information of this building method are concentrated, as well as the information about research and development. Safe standards of application can be created worldwide. The aim is to educate architects and engineers to design, build, erect, calculate and maintain wide span light weight structures. The Master and Archineer® program started in 2006 for the first time. Now in the 10th year and with more than 240 students it became very successful. The study course consists of three study terms each containing of phases of attendance and additional support via internet for the phases of distant learning. The fourth semester is dedicated to the master thesis. During the phases of attendance basics and skills will be taught as basis for phases of distance learning. The entire study is characterized by a strict practical orientation enforced by the members of the teaching staff which are specialists working in the field of textile building.

AbschlussMaster of Engineering
StudienvoraussetzungenBachelor or Master degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering and Surveying, or comparable academic programs of a minimum number of 8 semester study period (240 ECTS). At least one year of professional work experience. Interests with non-academic background also can apply for the study. They can participate as guest students of the Anhalt University. After successful completion of the program the non-academic title “Archineer® Membrane Structures” is granted. The application process for the Archineer®  program is the same as that for the Master course students.
Studiendauer4 Semester (60 Credits)
Gebühren7.000 Euro
  • Architecture
  • Membrane Program
  • Structural Design and Detail
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • Structural Design Concepts (Dimensioning)
  • Studio Detailing and Patterning
  • Internship Theory - Fabrication and Project Management
  • Additional: Membrane Concepts, CAD Software, Structural Engineering
  • Optional: Pneumatic Structures, Building Physics, Bionics, Foldable and Umbrellas, Membrane Surveying, Experimental Structures
    BemerkungenApplication deadline: 15th of January
    For application please check here:
    or contact: Heike Kleine Executive Assistant/Management Study Programs
    Tel.: +49 340 5197 3745
    Fax: +49 340 5197 3733
    AkkreditierungDieser Studiengang ist von der ASIIN bis 2021 akkreditiert
    Fachbereich3 - Architektur, Facility Management und Geoinformation
    StudienfachberatungProf. Dr. Robert Off
    Prüfungs- und Studienordnung6_MA_FMS_PSO_2013_Neufass_2016.pdf
    StudiengangsflyerMembrane Structures (distance learning).pdf