Study for refugees

You have recently arrived in Germany, worked or studied before and you are now thinking about starting to study here?

At our university you can choose between three cities with over 70 different bachelor and master degree programs. We offer excellent equipment, international focus and a good staff-student ratio.

Over 150 professors supervise approximately 8000 students.
The courses are mainly in german, but are supplemented by English masters.


In Bernburg you will find agricultural, trophological and economical courses.
Here you can study landscape architecture, agriculture, ecotrophology, landscape development, environmental protection or business administration, real estate management and business law.

In Dessau you will be offered a practice-oriented training in design and planning in immediate proximity to the Bauhaus. Here you can choose from courses in the fields of design, architecture, surveying, geoinformationsystems, geoinformatics, facility management, monumental heritage and others.

In Köthen you will find a wide range of modern engineering and IT courses. You can choose between courses in applied informatics, software localization, solar technology, electrical and IT engineering, medical engineering, bio and food technology as well as mechanical and industrial engineering here.


You want to know how to apply for a language course or how to enroll at our university?

You don’t know which credentials you need?

Our staff on location can help you with these questions!

They organize information events on studying at Anhalt University, check and offer advice on questions about your foreign university entrance qualifications and also help you with questions starting a degree course or continuing the one you started at home.

With the Landesstudienkolleg we have an excellent facility with lots of experience in preparing international students for studying at German universities.


Contact:   Tristan Dornberger

                Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

                Bernburger Straße 55 / 03-228

                D-06366 Köthen

Phone:     +49 (0)3496-67-5114 (office hours Tue, Wed, Thu)