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Master Studiengänge Fachbereich Landwirtschaft, Ökotrophologie und Landschaftsentwicklung

Landscape Architecture

The international two year, full-time Master of Landscape Architecture program is an accredited, design-based course of study. It is aimed at applicants from academic and professional backgrounds who wish to develop professional leadership potential. The program provides students both theoretical and practical training in an interdisciplinary framework. When finished, students have the tools to craft sustainable solutions to landscape architectural challenges. Faculty come from the Anhalt University's programs in architecture, nature conservation and other related fields, as well as the urban design program at the renowned "Bauhaus" school. Partnerships with leading European schools for landscape architecture (e.g. University of Genoa/Italy) and top landscape professionals ensure students are familiar with current innovative practices in the field.

AbschlussMaster of Arts
StudienvoraussetzungenAbgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium in Landschaftsarchitektur
Sprachnachweis Englisch
Sonstiges: Portfolio, Empfehlung, ggf. Eignungsgespräch
Studiendauer4 Semester (120 Credits)
  • Atelier (project work)
  • Basics of Landscape Architecture
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Computer Sciences (Graphic Design and GIS)
  • Planting Design
BemerkungenStudiengang in englischer Sprache
Bewerbung bis 31. Mai eines Jahres
AkkreditierungDieser Studiengang ist von der AQAS bis 2018 akkreditiert
Fachbereich1 - Landwirtschaft, Ökotrophologie und Landschaftsentwicklung
StudienfachberatungProf. Einar Kretzler
StudienorganisationDr. Elke Eckhardt
Prüfungs- und Studienordnung11_MLA_PSO_2016.pdf
StudiengangsflyerLandscape Architecture.pdf