International Trade (MA)

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated individuals with personal drive and high potential for leadership and professional achievement who thrive under pressure. Our MBA Admissions Board is looking for all-round applicants who submit a consistent application that reflect the following criteria that we value besides the entry requirements needed for the MBA program:

  • Academic accomplishment
    Strong academic profile with a degree in any field from a reputed university worldwide and a solid knowledge base on which you can build upon during your MBA experience
  • Personal drive
    Intrinsic motivation and ambition to drive proactively towards achieving your personal and career objectives
  • Integrity
    Strong moral compass and ethical value system that guides you in your personal and professional life
  • Leadership potential
    Demonstrated leadership potential in your community, career or personal life
  • Collaborative mindset
    Team player mentality of working towards shared goals within a team dynamic
  • Professional experience & career progression
    Evidence of personal and career progression with regard to achieving your professional goals
  • MBA motivation & career objectives
    Good understanding about how our MBA International program fits into your current expectations and future career goals and a clear motivation in applying for our program

Entry requirements

The MBA International Trade program is a post-graduate degree program in general management with an emphasis on International Trade taught completely in English focussed on international cross-disciplinary graduates. 

  • Graduate degree (Diploma, Bachelor or Master) of at least 3 years 
  • English language certification (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent)
  • Work experience of at least 1 year
    (internships count as work experience and the one year work experience required does not need to be consecutive)

Please note:
No German language proficiency required since the entire MBA International Trade program is taught entirely in English

Application Process

The Anhalt University uses EITHER:

  • third-party "uni-assist" system for applicants who hold a university entrance qualification from abroad (i.e., Bachelor or Master degrees from a foreign university outside Germany) OR
  • online "Applicant Portal" for applicants who hold a German university entrance qualification (i.e., Bachelor or Master degree from a German university)

The information to both application platforms can be found here: online application platform

Please choose the relevant application system corresponding to your application (i.e. depending on whether your university entrance qualification was acquired abroad (uni-assist) OR in Germany (Applicant Portal).

All further steps are explained once you have registered in the corresponding system.


Note (on the uni-assist system), choose the following in the drop down menu:

  • under semester: winter semester
  • under desired qualification: Master
  • under interested university: Bernburg/Dessau/Köthen, Hochschule Anhalt
  • for course name, type "International Trade"


Application documents to be submitted: 

  • Curriculum-Vita (including photo)
  • Passport-size Photo
  • Copy of passport (Non-EU citizens) / national ID (EU citizens)
  • Certified OR notarised copies of the University degree (Bachelor, Master etc.) certificates
  • Certified OR notarised grade transcripts of your University degree (Bachelor, Master etc.) 
    (if applicable, translated and accompanied by an explanation of the grading system)
  • Certified OR notarised copies of High School diploma (School-leaving certificate giving right of entry to higher education)
  • Certified OR notarised copy of English proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent) 
  • Record of professional employment/internships (at least 1 year)
  • Motivation essay (describing your motivation and reasons for joining the program)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (if any)
  • Any other certificate/document that demonstrates your educational/professional background and supports your application (e.g. internship certificates, course certificaties etc.)


Cost of studies

MBA program

  • Administrative fees: 800€/semester
  • Registration fees: 86€/semester

Health insurance cost

  • Health insurance is mandatory for all students studying in Germany
  • National Health insurance: approx. 90€/month for students under 30 years (e.g. AOK, DAK, TK etc.)
    (Students over 30 years need to find out the cost individually with the health insurance company)
  • Private insurance: approx. 60€/month (e.g. CareConcept, mawista)
    (please note, private insurance offers less health coverage compared to the national health insurance
    and is recommended only for students over 30 years of age due to the cost factor)

Housing costs*

  • Caution deposit (down payment): approx. 300€
  • Monthly rent: approx. 200-250€

Living expenses*

  • Monthly expenses: approx. 250€ - 350€/month (includes only food & travel expenses)

Disclaimer: Figures shown with (*) are only average figures and based on past experience from former students

Financial study assistance

For ALL information regarding your options and contacts for financial study assistance at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences,
go to Funding and Working.