Landscape Architecture (MA)


The Master of Landscape Architecture Program seeks highly qualified applicants who are interested in an English-language based graduate education with a focus on:


The location of Bernburg in central Germany facilitates site visits to many historical gardens and leading examples of post-industrial landscapes. In contrast to the pleasant situation of Bernburg, a small city founded in the middle ages, we work alternately on studios concerning the nearby areas and metropolitan areas, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg or international project sites. Course work is designed modular and workshop-oriented, and includes exposure to leading guest lecturers and critics.

Interdisziplinary and Intercultural

The culturally and subject-related heterogeneous background of the MLA students, a team-oriented working method and the interdisciplinary - generalistic character of the program create a wide range of perspectives and planning approaches. On the basis of a broad knowledge of concepts, theories and techniques, problem-solving models are developed, compared and examined for their applicability in different cultural and political contexts.

Application- and Problem-Oriented

Students will work on a wide range of topics regarding the field of protecting, planning, developing and designing open spaces in urban and rural environments using their diverse backgrounds of previous professional experience. Our aim is to enable students to creatively develop application-oriented and problem-solving strategies for sustainable forms of planning solutions - taking into account the changing framework conditions in the various countries. Particular attention will be paid to a synopsis of planning-relevant relationships between ecological, sociological, economic, functional and aesthetic aspects.


The academic and professional studies are strongly supported and influenced by emerging digital imaging, landscape simulation and geographic information tools. Practical design studios fully integrate the use of 3-D imaging tools and the informational resources of the internet.