Project content:

The TRAINS alliance pursues the goal of strengthening the innovative capacity of the rail industry in the Anhalt region. This should increase its appeal as a work and residential region by providing interesting and secure jobs.

Sub-project 13 focuses on the TRAINScenter. This is a bundled research and competence center for railroad technology, which is intended to serve companies in the railroad technology sector as a contact and cooperation site for scientific, technical and infrastructural issues. The TRAINScenters focus on:

-      training and continuing education,

-      the bundling of competencies in key digital technologies such as Industry 4.0, Internet of things, big data and machine learning,

-      the design of test laboratories for the testing and qualification of railway-specific spare parts, in particular, replicated “obsolete” mechanical, electrical and electromechanical components including software.

The task of sub-project 13 is the preparation of a strategic comprehensive concept with economic efficiency, site selection, an operating concept, as well as the development of the competence centers.