smartVENT - self-sufficient ventilation weather protection and sun protection system


Promoter:                            AiF Projekt GmbH, Berlin

Funding:                              Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Berlin

Duration:                             2017-2020

Project partner:                 MLL-Lamellensysteme GmbH, Hamburg

Project Leader:                  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Reich

Project Coordinator:        Sagar Vanapalli, MSc

The project objective is to combine the benefits of natural ventilation with those of mechanical ventilation. In addition to the development of ventilation systems, sun shading systems are also to be developed, which by independent rotation of the slats lead to the optimization of the shaded areas. Promising application areas include, night cooling of buildings, as well as external sun protection to reduce the interior temperatures without installation of air conditioning technology.

The core system is comprised of energy-autonomous actuators based on shape-memory materials whose temperature-dependent changes in stiffness serve to activate adjustment paths.

The developed ventilation, weather protection and sun protection elements regulate the physical parameters such as air change or transmission / reflection based on pre-set trigger variables independent of a manual or motorized control mechanism. The resulting components are self-sufficient by opening and closing without a controlled or motor driven function, and feature a unique integration of ventilation/sun protection automation far below the costs of a controller- and motor-driven installation.

Air active wall element

Promoter:                         AiF Projekt GmbH, Berlin

Funding:                           Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Berlin

Duration:                          2018-2020

Project partner:              Stein - Heating-Sanitary-Ventilation GmbH, Querfurt

Project Leader:               Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Reich

Project Coordinator:      Julia Krüger, BA

The new building wall module with latent storage functionality rectifies the previous disadvantages of the prefabricated house construction and compensates for new possibilities of actively using the storage capacity of PCM modules and compensates for temperature fluctuations which develop.

Through the regulatory system the air inside the walls is heated up by radiant energy from the sun. The regulatory system can then modulate the air circulation within the walls which can be used fir direct heating of internal spaces or for heat storage.

In order to reduce the temperature peaks in summer the excess space energy can be temporarily stored during the day and directed outwards during the night. Air conducting layers are provided in the three-shell wall structure behind the outer wall and inner wall panelling.

Separately controllable heating pipes in the inner cavity are heated through the above mentioned process according to the Hypo causal principle, so that the otherwise required floor heating system can be eliminated. The result is an innovative exterior wall module for prefabricated houses with active air conditioning properties and integrated wall heating at the price of normal prefabricated house construction.

smartPV-Control - Validating application possibilities of shape memory materials in the field of photovoltaic module tracking of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)

Funding:                        Land Sachsen-Anhalt, Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Energy

Duration:                       2018-2019

Project Leader:            Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Reich

Project editor:              Lukas Guffler, BA

The fulfilment of the energy savings targets promised by the Federal Government in the context of the last climate agreements requires a continuous increase in the share of regenerative energy.

The research focuses on the construction of new and the modernization of existing wind and photovoltaic systems (PV systems). The outdoor use of PV is increasingly supplemented by implementing it in the building envelope (BIPV). In addition to the enlargement of the module surfaces, the increase in efficiency also makes significant contributions to the increased generation of electricity through photovoltaic cells.

The major optimization point for photovoltaic systems lies in the alignment of the photovoltaic cell to the position of the sun. As part of the proposed research, the potential implementation of shape memory alloys in tracking system for building-integrated PV modules, will be investigated.

The SMA should align the PV modules to the position of the sun by electrical or thermal means. By using the SMA it is possible to track PV modules on facades (eg vertical PV modules or lamellas), which can significantly increase the energy efficiency of these PV facades.


Promoter:                                AiF Projekt GmbH, Berlin

Funding:                                  Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Berlin

Duration:                                 2018-2020

Project partner:                     Stegmaier Textile Solutions GmbH, Schemmerhofen

Project Leader:                      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Reich

Project Coordinator:             Dipl.-Ing. Henning Dürr

The necessity of developing customizable components is of great importance in times of resource conservation and adaptation to different framework conditions. In the research project, a "bendable" acoustic panel is to be developed for different user scenarios, which can change its form and function according to user wishes. Here, different acoustic principles of the panel are to be addressed (reflection, diffusion and absorption). By changing the panel geometry, a dired room acoustics can be created.

The versatility of the panels should be ensured by a specialised drive. This actuator is integrated into the joint. This drives the folding movement / panel bending around an elastic, curved hinge axis.

The fundamental work on the variety of shapes and geometrical dependencies of the bend-fold surface is based on the results of the research project "Developing a method for the production and installation of bend-folded, space-enclosing surface modules made of sheet-like plastic semi-finished products".