Milling 2D and 3D of various materials such as EPS, XPS, various plastics, wood-based panels, metal alloys without liquid cooling

Production of:

  • Dovetails in wood construction
  • Formwork for studies in concrete construction (cooperation project dia / TU Delft)
  • Furniture components
  • Project DJ-Table (cooperation project dia / TU Delft)

Structured layers

Production of layers of rod-shaped components with gripper.  (Cooperation project dia / TU Delft).

Cutting plates

 Production of large-sized blanks and cuts in plastic sheets, e.g. as pliable-folding facade panels.

Heat cutting of plastic blocks

Production of large format molds from EPS and XPS blocks in 3D by hot cutting wire.

  • Production of formwork as negatives for concrete forms (cooperation project dia / TU Delft)
  • Hot wire cutting of curved surfaces with bent wire

Embossing sheet metal

Production of deep embossing with the help of embossing tools (cooperation project with TU Delft).

Mechanical stress due to cyclic loading of components in high numbers for metrological detection of forces and stresses in the component in the context of research topics.


Production of formwork by milling plastic. The formworks are used as negatives for textile-reinforced concrete forms. (Cooperation project with TU Delft)