Technical design

Offer                                           3rd semester + 4th semester bachelor program

Scope                                          1 V / 2 Ü; consisting of 60% of the modules Technology + Ecology III 
                                                       and IV

Accreditation                             Certificate 

Course requirements             Structural Engineering I & II is strongly recommended


The courses Technical design I & II are part of the module Technology and Ecology III & IV, which are offered in the 3rd and 4th semester.

In both courses, the focus is on the independent design of structures. Based on a technical design theme, various structural principles are subdivided as Framework in 3rd-semester and shell structures in 4th-semester, from arches and cable structures to trusses, skeletal constructions, to flat structures, shells, Membrane and rope net structures presented in a structured way and explained and used in subsequent exercises.

The students acquire the following competencies:

  • Broaden the basis of possible supporting structures with an understanding of their suitability and their application potential
  • Recognizing the influence of statics, construction and building technology on design and organizational design decisions
  • Practical coordination with task specialized engineer to maintain their own architectural idea
  • Development of architectural ideas that take into account the needs of other planning participants and actively consider them in the design process