International student's club

The International Student Club at Martinskirche Köthen

Are you interested in meeting other students or preparatory college attendees, working on projects together, or simply spent time with interesting people after lectures are done? Then definitely drop by!

In the international student club you you can play Billiard & Darts, become the foosball champion or listenen to and create music on a daily basis between 16:00 and 22:00.

Moreover you will be able to enjoy the weekly program:

Monday from 16:00: General Speaking Practice (German)
Tuesday 17:00:  Guitar lessons
Wednesday 16:00:Sketching and painting
Thursday 17:00: Jamming the inst
Friday 17:00: Café Rendez-Vous

Contact Person:

Frank Winkler
Tel.: 0175 33 96 369