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Anhalt - The Place To Be

The federal state of Saxony-Anhalt provides a diverse ecosystem for investments, offering a variety of key advantages in comparison to other federal states of Germany. Infrastructure, flexibility, labor costs and industry acceptance as well as education and culture leverage Saxony-Anhalt to a competitive location. In terms of foreign direct investment, Saxony-Anhalt claims the leadership position among East German federal states.

Did you know?

...Saxony-Anhalt is home to one of Europe’s biggest chemistry park

…Germany’s biggest data processing center is located in Saxony-Anhalt

…one of the three largest longitudinal shaft manufacturers was established in Saxony-Anhalt

Site Advantages at a glance

  • Second-lowest labor costs in Germany
  • Skilled labor force: 90% have a vocational- or university qualification
  • Location in the heart of Central Europe and access to the Eastern European economic area
  • Strong infrastructure allows transport via water-, air-, rail- and roadways
  • Industrial acceptance of 97% among the population due to the high importance of the sector
  • Legal stability guarantees investment security
  • Leadership position of Saxony-Anhalt in foreign direct investment in East Germany
  • Promotion programs and investment loans on favorable terms
  • Attractive combination of federal and EU aid (GRW funding schemes, IPCEI funding schemes)
  • Fast approval procedures (construction permission generally issued in 6 weeks)
  • Innovative research and development environment by universities, colleges and the Fraunhofer Institutes (including industry clusters, innovation networks and incubators)
  • High childcare rate (57% of children under 3 receive childcare)

Anhalt University is the initiator of various projects and research cooperations. Technology and know-how transfers are the primary focus. 

We are the guide for your successful project in Saxony-Anhalt.

  • Assistance in establishing a local representation, cooperation or subsidiary
  • Scientific support in establishing local spin-offs
  • Project management support in creating your network with regional development agencies
  • Linking of university research with entrepreneurial research projects
  • Creating networking opportunities with University departments and affiliated institutes for an effective knowledge transfer
  • Assistance in recruiting highly qualified, international staff
  • Start-up service for international graduates

One of the competitive advantages of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences compared to other institutions lies in our extensive scope of research. The top 3 areas of expertise of the university are life sciences, engineering sciences and ICT as well as media sciences.

The field Life Sciences involves:

  • Substance research, Biotechnology and Food sciences
  • Biodiversity research and Agricultural sciences
  • Sustainable land-use strategies

The research area Engineering Sciences is characterized by:

  • Renewable energies
  • Data acquisition
  • Process and environmental technology
  • Transport systems
  • Medical technology

The segment of ICT & Media Sciences contains:

  • Cloud services, Big Data and Usability
  • Digital media systems, planning and design
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Future internet technologies

Mercateo – B2B Trading platform

…Mercateo Deutschland AG with head offices in Munich established the Mercateo Services GmbH in 2004 in Köthen.

Coil - Production of aluminium

...The spin-off of the Belgian company was built in Bernburg in 2005. The state of Saxony-Anhalt granted 9.2€ million as non-repayable subsidy in the 21€ million investment. 10 years later, Coil expanded their production plants with another investment of 22€ million.

Almeco GmbH - Production of high reflectance metal structures

...With an investment of 37€ million, the Italian enterprise settled in Bernburg in 2006.

Greatview Aseptic Packaging Manufacturing GmbH - Production of aseptic packaging

...The spin-off from China got established in Kabelsketal, close to Halle, with an investment of 50€ million. In 2016 the manufacturing plant was expanded with another investment of 23€ million.

Domo Group - Production of caprolactam

...The Belgian group settled in Leuna in 1994. The total investment amounts to over 600€ million withanother investment of 30€ million in 2017. 

Total Group - Production of benzol

...The french corporate group established itself in Leuna in 1997. The ongoing investment volumeaccumulates to roughly over 100€ million until 2021.