ERASMUS+ Incoming Students

Welcome to Anhalt University. We are happy that you are interested in pursuing your studies at our University. Please find below all Information needed to prepare your exchange semester.

Please read the general information for international students as well.

  • Application for ERASMUS+ Incoming Students

    The following instructions only apply to ERASMUS students wishing to study at the Anhalt University as non-Degree exchange students:

    After you have been nominated by your university for studying abroad at HS Anhalt, you will receive additional Information on how to register with our University via mail.

    The deadlines for submitting your application via SSC Portal are:

    30.06. for the coming winter semester
    30.11. for the upcoming summer semester 

    After finishing your application and submitting additional documents, you will receive your admission letter.
    In the meantime, please ask your home university about completing the Online Learning Agreement (OLA 3.0)

  • Eramus+ course catalogue for exchange students

    Here you will find an overview of all modules offered at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in English Language. These courses can be attended during an Erasmus study stay at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.*

    * Please note that the selection is preliminary and the modules actually offered are subject to change or certain courses cannot be attended by exchange students!

    Module/course catalog for download as XLS sheet
    Module/course catalog for download as PDF

    If you have any questions on available modules, please contact erasmus(at)



  • Visa / registration office

    Students from EU (including Switzerland) don't need visa and don't need to apply for a residence permit.

    Important: Each student must register at the local registration offices in Bernburg, Köthen or Dessau:

    please find info on location and opening Hours here ("Registration Office")

    Other students from our BUDDY program can help you with appointments. A personal Buddy will contact you via mail before lectures are starting!

    Students coming from non-EU countries please follow the step described in "Residence permit (students from non-EU countries)"

  • Health insurance

    If you have a valid European student health insurance, your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is sufficient for general health services (including primary care phycician and dentist).

    Please keep in mind that the EHIC does not cover repatriation costs. An additional repatriation insurance is not neccessary but recommended!

    Please don't forget to bring your EHIC with you - Our Student Service Center will make a copy during your enrolment!

    Erasmus+ students coming from our Partner Universities in Albania, Kazakhstan, Kosovo or Ukraine (KA107) please follow those steps to apply for German Student Health insurance after your arrival.

  • Enrolment at our University

    Make sure to transfer the administrative fee, which is a prequisite for enrollment at Anhalt University. And please follow the steps decribed here in order to prepare your enrollment at Anhalt University ("Enrollment at Anhalt University")

  • Bank account

    EU-students must not open a German bank account. You can use your EU bank account, credit cards or bring enough cash to cover your living expenses for the duration of your stay.

    Erasmus+ students coming from our Partner Universities in Albania, Kazakhstan, Kosovo or Ukraine (KA107) must open a German bank account in order to receive their Erasmus+ grant.

  • Erasmus+ Arrival Attestation

    Erasmus+ arrival attestations are issued by ERASMUS-coordinator Christian Lippold. Please contact him via erasmus(at)

  • Public TV and radio fee (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    International students living in their own flats, in shared flats (Wohngemeinschaft/WG) or student residence halls need to pay a contribution towards using the provisions of German public TV and radio broadcasters (This includes the public TV stations ARD and ZDF as well as the national public radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio). This fee is deducted per household. If you share bathroom and kitchen in your student residence or you share a flat with others, only one of you will receive the invoice and is responsible for paying the fee.

    Service phone:
    018 59995 0100
    Mon-Fri: 7.00 - 19.00 hrs.

    website:  [German only]

    Here you can find a FAQ about the Rundfunkbeitrag.

  • Erasmus+ Confirmation of Stay

    If you are here within the Erasmus+ program, your Erasmus coordinator will ask you for a "confirmation of stay". Confirmations can only be signed at the end of your stay and are issued by ERASMUS-coordinator Christian Lippold. Please contact him via erasmus(at)

What Erasmus+ alumni have to say about their experience with our University: