İzmir University of Economics

Contact Person Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott
Student Exchange Yes
Bachelor Yes
Master Yes
  • Agriculture, Ecotrophology, and Landscape Development (FB1)
  • Economics (FB2)
  • International Trade, Master of Business Administration (FB2)
  • Business Studies, Bachelor of Arts (FB2)
  • Business Studies / Management, Master of Arts (FB2)
  • Food and Agribusiness, Master of Science (FB1)
  • Human Resource Management, Master of Science (FB2)
  • International Business, Bachelor of Arts (FB2)
  • Logistics Management, Master of Science (FB2)
  • Business Law, Master of Laws (FB2)
  • Master of Online Communications, Master of Arts (FB2)
Number of study places 2
Additional information

2 Students / 5 months

Main web site: http://www.ieu.edu.tr/en
CTS Guide: http://ects.ieu.edu.tr/index.php?lang=en

International Students: http://www.ieu.edu.tr/international/

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