Before leaving Germany

Preparations for your return

You should plan your return home just as carefully as you planned your stay in Germany. 

Students from developing countries can sometimes claim repatriation grants. These may differ: there are grants for setting up a business, transport subsidies, time limited financial support and suchlike.

If you have paid your pension insurance contributions in Germany and there is no social security agreement between Germany and your homeland then you can have the contributions paid out if necessary. If there is an agreement you can assert the claim later on. Find out about this before you leave!


Before you return to your homeland you should do the following:

·         De-register at your place of residence
·         De-register from the students' register
·         Cancel health care and telephone contract.
·         Close your bank account
·         Contact the pension insurance fund

Please download the checklist "Before leaving Germany".


Remember: Once you de-register from Anhalt University your residence permit as a student becomes invalid!


Certification of German certificates (university degrees) for use abroad is carried out in 2 or 4 steps depending on the desired country the authentication is intended for:

  1. Certification at Anhalt University
  2. Pre-authentication at the State Administration of Saxony – Anhalt
  3. Final authentication at the Federal Office of Administration
  4. Embassy of respective country for Legalisation

A more detailed description of the procedure can be downloaded here.