Key Aspects

Our semester programme is split into 3 sections, each offering several workshops in German and English language: 

  • Soft skills
  • The job application
  • Everything you need to know about companies

The semester programme is running from 8. April until 5. July with limited seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please peruse the individual workshop profiles below for more detailed information.

Soft Skills

  • Key Competencies

    Fit4Wrk: Implementing Key Competencies- Personal Development and Communication Strategies

    When: 12.04.2019 – 13:00 – 14:30

    Where: Locations to be announced.

    kickSTART:Karriere supports you in the development of key competencies relevant for the German job market, providing you with a solid foundation for a successful professional perspective.

    The workshop comprises of the topics of communication, personal requirements, language competencies, as well as organizational skills.

  • Time Management

    Fit4Wrk: Who Has Turned the Clock?- Effective Time Management in German Work Environments

    When: 18.04.2019 - 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    kickSTART:Karriere offers you an introduction into different methods of time management from a professional German perspective. You acquaint yourself with the requirements towards personal organization and experience the significance of time in German work ethics.


    The workshop covers the subjects of priority management, planning methods, constant availability, as well as the cultural importance of time
    in German work environments.

  • Software Skills

    Fit4Wrk: Word & Excel? No Problem!- Effectively Applying Software Competencies 

    When: 26.04.2019 – 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    You have the opportunity to receive assistance in identifying and applying software competencies pertinent for job positions in Germany.

    The workshop offers an introduction to the necessary Office skills, required by most employers. Moreover, you will acquaint yourself with additional software competencies (for instance SAP, CRM-Software) and how to achieve the corresponding qualification and certification.

  • Residence Permit Information

    Fit4Wrk: Employment After Graduation- Residence Permit Information on your Way Towards a Career
    in Germany

    When: 30.04.2019 – 16:00-17:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    You are looking to stay in Germany after your graduation? But you are not sure about the relevant visa regulations? We provide you with information on which visa options are available after your graduation.

    The workshop covers the requirements for a visa extension, the different types of working visas and other residence permit options

  • Presentation Skills

    Fit4Wrk: PowerPoint4Life- Presentation and Rhetoric Skills for Professional Application

    When: 10.05.2019 – 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    You are confident in conceptualizing a presentation? But do you also know which specific features are required within a German working environment?

    The workshop addresses the preparation and structural planning of presentations, the most important design-and visualization methods,
    as well as an engaging inclusion of the audience. Furthermore, you will
    gain experience in applying effective and appropriate rhetoric tools.


  • Application Strategies

    Fit4Wrk: Just One of Many?- Finding and Applying the Right Application Strategy

    When: 17.05.2019 – 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    kickSTART:Karriere will support you in identifying the best suitable application strategy in the multitude of options.

    The workshop includes an overview of the different options along the search process: which channel best fits my personal skills and expectations? Moreover, the individual steps of the application process are discussed,
    as well as social media as a contemporary application tool.

  • Application Documents

    Fit4Wrk: First Impressions Count- Professionally Optimizing Your Application Documents

    When: 24.05.2019 – 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    You have the opportunity to identify which elements are relevant for your application documents in Germany. Customize them according to your
    personal profile.

    The workshop covers the most important elements of an application (CV, cover letter, certificates), allowing you to assess the expectations companies have. Moreover, you will learn how to analyze job advertisements in order to develop a suitable and comprehensive application. The workshop also focusses on the optimization of your CV, which is your first foot in the door of a prospective employer.

  • The Job Interview

    Fit4Wrk: Stagefright?- Confidently Mastering Job Interviews

    When: 29.05.2019 – 16:00-17:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    kickSTART:Karriere supports you in preparing for job interviews in Germany.

    The workshop includes the topics of: appropriate preparations for an interview situation, describing your personal profile and career, as well as presenting your own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can use practical examples to prepare for difficult situations and unexpected questions. The workshop analyzes your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to match them with the expectations of German employers.

The Company

  • Excursion

    Fit4Wrk: Snapping Regional Chances- The Advantage of Local Employers 

    When: During the week of 3rd June to 7th June

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    kickSTART:Karriere will help you to acquaint yourself with the local employment market. Use the opportunity to get to know regional employers and receive insights into the processes of an innovative German SME.

    During the week we will offer excursions to local companies, so you can substantiate your theoretical knowledge with practical experiences while also having the chance to establish first direct contacts to potential future employers.

  • Social Security and Employment Law

    Fit4Wrk: In Germany Everything is Forbidden- Apart From That, Do What You Like- German Employment Law and Social Security Explained

    When: 14.06.2019 – 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    You have the opportunity to part take in a workshop centered around employment law in Germany. Allowing you to identify corresponding rights
    and duties as an employee.

    The workshop covers the topics of employment contracts (types and elements), working hours- regulations and maternal leave. Furthermore,
    you will acquaint yourself with the different features of the social security system, using a practical case-study.

  • Career Fair

    Fit4Wrk: Getting in Touch- Meet Your Future Employer

    When: 19.06.2019 

    Where: Köthen Campus

    You are looking to find a job in Germany-But are unsure how to find a suitable company?

    kickSTART:Karriere supports and accompanies you to the career fair. In preparation you will receive coaching in the preparation of your CV, professionalizing your appearance and obtaining the appropriate rhetoric skills, so that on the day of the fair you have the optimal chance of getting in touch with companies.

  • Working Culture

    Fit4Wrk: Work, Work, and Nothing But the Work- German Company-and Working Culture for International Students

    When: 26.06.2019 – 14:00-15:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    Learn about the peculiarities of German culture and how different types of companies differ. 

    The workshop covers the different specific characteristics of German work culture including: punctuality, organization, handling direct criticism and non-work related relationships among colleagues. Moreover, you will experience what makes German SMEs (“Mittelstand”) so special in comparison to larger companies.

  • Feedback

    Fit4Wrk: Only He Who Accepts Criticism, Can Grow Personally- The Semester Feedback

    When: 05.07.2019 – 13:00-14:30

    Where: Locations are to be announced.

    Together we will have a look at the different workshops throughout the semester and their results. You have the opportunity to give comments and recommendations. What was good, what needs to be improved? Same as in German working life: only feedback allows you to grow.

    Moreover, you have the chance to receive an attendance certificate based on the workshops you have participated in, which will positively supplement your application documents.