Leisure time

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Expanding horizons in the international cinema, playing canoe polo, and of course having parties - that’s how students in Dessau relax. Having fun thinking is great, but having fun dancing and celebrating is just as nice. What do students do in their free time?

Yes, there are also commuters who live in Berlin, Leipzig, or Halle and travel to the courses. But why spend valuable time on the road or in train stations if you can help shape a city instead? That is exactly what it means to “study in Dessau”: Designing the campus and city according to your wishes.

Where is what happening?

Tips on things to do in and around Dessau

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The “VorOrt” house constantly offers new events. Out of an old, empty school, students have made a place where everyone can try out their ideas. There is room for start-ups, shared work spaces, and joint projects. Workshops take place or lectures and various events about culture, art, design, etc. are held.

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University Sports program

University Sports offers many things from Pilates to canoe polo. In the evenings, you can easily ride your bike home.

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Restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs

In the Biergarten under the chestnut tree you can not only watch people caring for a community garden, you can also get to know the “natives”. Sometimes the evening lasts a long time, for example when the students celebrate parties.

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Theater, movies, etc.

Or maybe you do want to stop by the international movie theater again? International students organize the events, and once a week they show their favorite films from back home in the original language with subtitles.

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Interesting places and sights

With two UNESCO world heritage sites, it is clear that there are a lot of cultural treasures to discover in and around Dessau.

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Additional tips

Bauhaus architecture, Zoo, Technical Museum, castles, fortresses, parks, biosphere reserve, FERROPOLIS, Wasserburg Roßlau, and many other things invite visitors to explore, be astonished, stay for a while, and come back.