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The Lindera care tool. Make care easier and strengthen trust.Many are demanding more control in care. But is it really about control? Do we really want to accompany trained nurses with cameras, sensors and watchdogs? Is such a system affordable? Does this approach lead to more quality of life for those in need of care?The Lindera founding team combines the idea that care is less about the next regulatory office. Rather, it is a kind of "trip advisor" for care. The aim is to see whether the care that a person needs is also received by him and that he is doing well in the respective living situation and tailored to his individual needs - just like with Trip Advisor, the food in the ambience and not the cook in the kitchen counts. We consider this holistic view of the result, i.e. the quality of life in care, to be a key driver of digitization. Because our test runs in Hesse, Berlin and NRW have shown that if nurses regularly share their knowledge, relatives and nursing services can make better decisions.With this in mind, we, Eckart Neuhaus and Diana Heinrichs, want to further develop the relationship between those in need of care, their carers and their relatives. Based on scientific methods, cognitive computing and many years of practical experience, the condition of patients can be continuously monitored and improved with Lindera.


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