Ana Parra - Integrated Design


Winter Semester 2020/21

Design Theory

  • Flow: the optimal experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990)

In this book, the author reveals the factors that make an experience meaningful and enjoyable regardless of external aspects that the subject cannot control. Every person has the power to select the information that enters his consciousness in order to be happy which he calls “the state of flow”. For him, the person who develops this ability can enjoy the normal course of life in an optimal stage. In this scenario, happiness depends on the way we decode the world we are living in, and that decision resides in our consciousness but is solely expressed by the whole body. Therefore, this optimal stage gathers the perfect elements to feel the Flow.

  • Cultural probes

It is a research method that helps to understand the daily life of our users by using a variety of materials and activities such as diaries and games. This method is mainly used in the early inspiration phase of a project because we can get insights from the user's behavior, motivations, and expectations before we get into the ideation stage.