Rebeca Guedes, Ricardo Marin, Luciano Quinones, Jude Rajith - Integrated Design

VR Multi-User Room

Winter Semester 2020/21

Expertise VR

Expertise VR Workshop to learn the workflow to create an environment for a walkable multi-user virtual reality room.

With a small group of students we spent a very intensive week on the campus in Bernburg/Strenzfeld.

Here we worked with a multi-user VR environment. This system allows the use of a VR room with several people at the same time. They can walk through the virtual room together. To see each other, the system shows an avatar. With an adaptive hand tracking interface it is possible to interact.

The main advantage is the placement of digital content in real size. This allows a group of people to walk and test a virtual environment together – landscape architecture, building architecture, automotive design, furniture design, exhibition / fair concepts …

Exercises – blender, unity, vr multiuser room

In preparation for the main task we did small tasks to learn the basic things. We then tested the results in the vr multi-user room.

Small tasks

- reconstruction of a real existing object and arrangement in vr space

- solids of revolution, curves, beveled curves and structures

- photo cardboard standup in combination with real space markers

Main task – create a environment for vr multi-user room

The central task was to create an environment for the vr multi-user room –  as a showroom, for an exhibition or as a digital portfolio.