MMH - (FB3)

Master theses of 2013

Historical research and survey of an early 19th century federal style house with rehabilitation of a timber frame barn located in its yard. / Ivan Aristov / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann

Retracin the History and Ascertainining Monumental Significance of Y Buildings/Dessau. / Rabson Joseph Bota / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann

Looking throw Heritage-Architecture/ Cinema. / Farok Falsafi / Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar, Angdan Lu

Presidential Palace of Sudan. / Eiman / Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar, Dr. Seif Eldinel-Sadig

Urban Development of Rechlin. Nord in the Basis of Historic Structures. / Hossein Amin Pour Pirjel / Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann

Kollege Research and Protection on Ancient Chinese Tombs. / Haijiao Yu / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann

Guangzhou. / Lao Jianzhen / Prof. Dr. -Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann

Building Renovation of Beijing Qinlao alley on the 26th. / Liang Zhe / Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar

Protect and rebuilt a ancient country. / Niu Li, Zhang Le / Prof. Johannes Kalvelage

Monumental Heritage Protection. / Ren Xiang / Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar, Prof. Angelika-Christina Brzóska 

Culture Hall in Hongcun. / Runze Chen / Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar

Petersberg/Halle. / Shao Lin / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann, Prof. Angelika-Christina Brzóska

Puthia Palace, Rajshahi. / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Lueckmann

Repair and measurement of the old Building of the Qingdao Government. / Zhang Duo /  Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar

Anyang Ciyuan Temple. / Zhang Xiaoqing / Prof. Johannes Kalvelage