Rudolf Lückmann - Architectural and Cultural Heritage (FB3)

"Scheibe C" - Su Se 2018

Contemporary living for students - Residentialtower „Scheibe C“ – Halle (Saale)-Neustadt

"Scheibe C" is a residential tower under renovation in Halle-Neustadt. It has been unused for about 20 years and should now come back into use. The planning concept for the first phase of use of the “Scheibe C” provides essentially students living in residential units for one person (single apartment), additional common areas are offered. This usage is set for ten years.

Thereafter, adapted to the needs of other forms of housing. Finding solutions for this is the task of the work.

The goal is to develop more forms of living from existing planning with little constructional effort. There should be cheaper housing for a broader social spectrum. Shared apartments (also across generations), living in old age, living in a large family, living for families, living for singles, etc. There can be no significant interference with the supporting structure of the building.