When your studies are complete, your unenrollment ends your membership at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.


Automatic Unenrollment

You will be automatically unenrolled from Anhalt University if you

  • have passed your final exam.
  • failed a final attempt at a required examination.
  • cannot show proof of currently valid health insurance.
  • did not re-register on time.
  • or if other reasons for unenrollment exist.

If you are automatically unenrolled, you will receive notification from the University with a legal notice of how to object to the decision.


Unenrollment upon Request

If you are ending or would like to drop out of your studies at Anhalt University, you must submit an unenrollment request. It must be submitted to Student Services. Unenrollment upon request is effective either as of the time you have requested or the end of the semester.

Retroactive unenrollment is not possible. After successful unenrollment, you will receive an unenrollment certificate.


Note on digital services of the university

On the date of exmatriculation, your access to our university portals and e-mail will be blocked.

Request for unenrollment