Mariia Ilinkskaia receives MBA Award

  • Mariia Ilinkskaia

Last week the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Bernburg bid farewell to its Bachelor and Master graduates. Mariia Ilinkskaia was awarded the MBA-Award during the festivities. She came from our partner university in Michurinskin Russia to Anhalt University to study as part of the MBA International Program in autumn 2017/18. For Mariia, studying in Bernburg was her first stay outside her home country of Russia. Very quickly, however, she made many acquaintances with the other students, who came from over 20 different nations. Mariia, according to her own quote, "had the time of her life".

During her course she was intensively active academically and took part in the international MBA workshops in Great Britain, Russia, Poland and Italy. After her studies she started an internship at LVI GmbH Leipzig, where she could write her master thesis on the interesting and politically very topical topic "An Analysis of the Impact of EU´s sanctions imposed on Russia and its countermeasures on Russian - German Trade of Agricultural Machinery using a Case Study of LVI GmbH" under the direction of MBA Program Director Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott and former Dean Prof. Dr. Jörg Flemmig.

She completed her Master's degree in October 2019 as the best MBA student of the year and was awarded the MBA Award at the graduation ceremony, kindly sponsored by Hon. Prof. Dr. Markus Holz. She is currently taking an intensive language course in German and is considering whether she would like to start her professional career and stay in Germany or pursue an academic career and thus start a doctoral program.

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