MBA International Trade programme holds “MANAGER TALK” Session for Students and Alumni

The regular MBA International Trade “manager talk” session took place on Monday, 21st June 2021. The session organized by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott, Vice-Dean, Department of Economics and MBA Program Director, was on the topic "Scaling is about Execution – How to grow from zero to 800m EUR in revenues”.

The keynote speaker for the session was Mr. Jonas Müller, former Strategy manager and project lead at Mercedes-Benz AG and current Head of Customer Excellence at Emma Sleep GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott as moderator for the session in her remarks emphasized that the concept of “manager talk” is to help bridge the gap between theory and industry practice and build active career and corporate network with industry experts and colleagues - catalyst for personal development and building a successful career. The platform provides unique opportunity to strengthen relationships, cohesion and exchange feedback about ideas and industry practice.

The session with a large number of participants (over 90) included MBA alumni from Ghana and China, as well as current MBA students, introduced the participants to new trends in business which is key to survival in today’s competitive business environment.

Mr. Müller encouraged participants to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and ensure a customer centric approach to developing products for customers as the best way to attract and retain customers and emphasised after-sales services to customers as a key factor in profit maximization.

Mr. Müller said that "emma sleep started in 2013 as a team of 7 and made €5.3 thousand in revenues. Today, we are a team of over 600 who have made over €405 million in revenues.” He encouraged the participants to apply to join the emma sleep company as the organization has the right working environment to attract and develop talents.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott closed the informative Manager Talk session, the last in a series of successful online sessions this semester and is looking forward to the next Talk in Fall 2021. Open to all MBA students and graduates!