Studying Where Others Go on Holiday

Girona, located just 100 km north of Barcelona, is a historic and beautiful Catalan city. With its ancient cathedral, its fortifications and countless churches from different centuries it makes visitors soon feel like they have entered a fairytale. But what if you could not only be a tourist, but actually live in Girona for a semester?

For some of our MBA students, this dream has become reality. 

"It is a perfect experience to have the opportunity to exchange at the University of Girona. Here, you have the chance to meet lots of international friends and everyone is very enthusiastic." says Catherine, who is currently living in Spain "In addition, the professors here are also very professional and take special care of the exchange students. What’s more, the university will also give you lots of suggestions about the accommodation, traffic, local culture and so on." 

And also Catherine seems to already have fallen in love with Girona's historic old town:

"There are lots of places of interest that are so ancient and mysterious."

We are excited to hear more about life in Catalonia and hopefully send out a few more adventurous students to experience a semester like no other!