Competence Center Algal Biotechnology

research focus

  • Isolation and characterizing of new algae (own strain selection) ® Screening regarding cultivation and production of valuable products
  • Developing cultivation and downstream processing to extract valuable products from algae (carotinoids, proteins, sulfolipids, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons/oils, polyhydroxycarbonates)
  • Process development to separate extracellular products (e.g. hydrocarbons) by in-situ-extraction
  • Isolation and characterizing of pharmaceuticals (indications: alzheimer disease, inflammatory diseases, fibrosis)
  • Development of process-accompanying analysis methods (HPLC-MS, GC-MS, fluorimetry, IR / UV spectroscopy) for the determination of ingredients (proteins, carotenoids, lipids, carbohydrates, polyhydroxyalkanoates) and harvest times
  • Development of specific online monitoring systems for the automated determination of algae growth and ingredients using IoT-based concepts
  • Optimization of photobioreactors
  • Establishment of integrated production / utilization concepts by coupling algae biotechnology with biogas technology, development of material cycles
  • Influence of diversity effects on the stability of microalgae communities in photobioreactors - Studies on the susceptibility of algal cultures to contamination
  • Fermentation of renewable raw materials (straw, residual algae biomass, grass silage ...), identification of process inhibitations in the biogas process

current projects

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Obtaining and characterizing sulfolipids from microalgae

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Emission-reducing coupling of biogas cogeneration plant and algae ponds for a flexible value-added chain and improved life-cycle assessment on the farm

Production of algae biomass

In Situ Algae Extractor