Development of an industrial process for the mixotrophic production of bio-dyes / proteins from microalgae using carbonaceous residues and propane-based extraction processes



  • Development of an integrated process for the industrial production of bio-dyes / proteins for the food and feed sector from mixotrophically produced algae biomass (microalgae / cyanobacteria) in large-volume photobioreactors using residues containing C (glycerol, xylose, etc.)
  • Modeling of laboratory processes (consumption C-source, growth parameters, nutrient consumption)
  • Process development for the extraction of valuable materials (phycobilins, fucoxanthin, etc.) using supercritical propane
  • Waste recycling, economic evaluation of the production and downstream processes

Kick-off meeting of the project partners of the EmiIBEx network at the HSA in June 2017 (from left): Ulrike Schmid-Staiger (CBP), Prof. Dr. Carola Griehl (HSA), Dipl.-Ing. Gordon Brinitzer (CBP), Dr. Robert J. Flassig (MPI), Prof. Dr. Kai Sundmacher (MPI), Dr.-Ing. Katja Patzsch (CBP), M.Sc. Christian Kleinert (HSA), Dr. Stephanie Hielscher-Michael (HSA), image source: HSA

funding period:

2017, mar 01st - 2019, nov 30th