New algae species as sustainable source for bioactive nutrients for human nutrition



  • Utilization of new algae for human nutrition (compensation of nutrient supply bottlenecks, source of healthy nutrients to reduce the risk of disease)

  • Investigation of microalgae previously not used in human nutrition regarding the nutrient composition (macro- and micronutrients) and bioavailability including food safety

  • Production of functional algae biomass as a sustainable source of essential, healthy ingredients (omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins) in the diet


funding period:

2017, oct. 01st - 2020, sep 30th

from left: Prof. C. Griehl; Prof. G. Stangl; Dr. C. Dawczynski; Dr. C. Wiacek; A. Gielsdorf; A.-C. Baur; Dr. S. Hielscher-Michael; Prof. S. Lorkowski; h.l: Dr. T. Meier; Dr. Julia Kühn; S. Schade