Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

Details about my lectures

Module Operating Systems

This module is taught from summer term 2022 in English only

In the beginning of the semester we will hold 2 units of lectures ever week - on Thursday in the bi-weeklyx in the second and fourth unit and fourth and fitth units - for details please check the schedule in Webuntis.

Details about lab excercises will be announced in the lecture and heavily depend on the number of students who participate in the lectures.



The module comprises of some quite extended overview of the history of operating systems development, linked to different epoches of computer system development. Hereby the main topic lies on the UNIX operating systems family.

Based on this, different approaches and architectures of operating systems will be discussed. After this, design of main OS subsystems like

  • Memory manageement (virtual memory, physical memory)
  • Programs and processes
  • File management and file systems
  • User right manabgement
  • Inter-process communication means


Practical examples will be hold and presented in a virtual PC environments on Debian Linux or on one-board computers like Raspberry Pi.

An overveiw of file-systems and relevant and crutial system programs on Linx will be given.

Lecture notes and slides can be downloaded from the nextCloud-Server of the university. You can find it under the following link:

The password for access to the directory will be announced in the lecture or via the module's mailing list.

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