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Start-up Workshop Energy, Logistics and Mobility

This start-up workshop uses the technical equipment in the technology development laboratory, which can be used to solve special problems in the field of energy as well as in the area of logistics and mobility. Possible fields of application include, for example, the modeling and visualization of IT or RFID-supported logistics processes  In addition, new possibilities of mobile data acquisition and communication technology for increasing mobility in the context of transport, handling and storage processes could also be investigated. The energy sector focuses on problems relating to energy efficiency. A wide range of communication systems are especially available for this purpose. The compact system-on-chip computers can communicate with each other wirelessly and over a power grid. Computing and data intensive applications can be developed and tested on high-performance servers and a 10 Gigabit test network  A business development and qualification center offers the best prerequisites for continuing education for entrepreneurs, for technical or business management project support and for the support of location-independent idea generation processes via video conferencing.

Terms of use

Students, graduates, scientists and employees of the universities and other research institutions in the state of Saxony-Anhalt with a start-up idea regarding energy, logistics or mobility can use the resources of the start-up workshop in the Köthen Technology Centre free of charge in accordance with the relevant funding guidelines set by the state of Saxony-Anhalt. With regards for a new type of technology or a new product, there has to be a need for its development and it has not yet been implemented in a start-up. The prerequisite for participation is a project description.

Start-up workshop locations :

Technology development laboratory
in the Köthen Technology Centre, room 1.08
06366 Köthen, Am Hubertus 1a

Business development and qualification center
- Köthen Technology Centre, room 0.34 and 0.35 and
- Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management, building 73/218
06366 Köthen, Am Hubertus

-    Workstations with Internet access
-    Video conference system and Smart Board
-    Data acquisition, communication and RFID technology
-    VR system for 3D visualization
-   Factory planning table with visTABLE®touch software
-    10 Gigabit Ethernet switch
-    ARM Cortex A8 processor boards with executable Debian Linux distribution
-   Compact PC systems with VIA and Athlon processors
-    Infrared and ultrasonic sensors for recording the environment
-    GPS modules for use in Linux systems