Ego.Inkubator Materiability Lab

Ego.Inkubator Materiability Lab

Smart Materials and Technologies Lab

A new experimental laboratory and material exploration space stimulating the inception of design ideas
and future spin-offs, sponsored by the Investment Bank Saxony-Anhalt. Aims of the lab are the exploratory transfer of new material knowledge as a communication basis for further applied research and the foundation of a place for the innovation-driven development of new materials, applications and products.

Specific focus areas of the lab are
• Smart materials and technologies
• Bio-based and sustainable materials
• Adaptive, interactive and dynamically changeable systems (e.g. shape-memory alloys, soft robots, 4D Printing)
• Generative, parametric design and digital manufacturing methods

To promote the implementation, testing and exploration of design and start-up ideas, the lab facilitates classes, lectures, talks, workshops and events and provides a cross-disciplinary network of partners and resources within the Anhalt University to intertwine and flush research activities with new impulses and synergies.

Material and Technology in Design, Digital Fabrication, Smart and Bio Materials, Adaptive Systems,Generative and Parametric Design, Digital Crafting, Industry 4.0, Design Research, Material Research, Biofabrication


• Raise3D E2 Dual Extruder, FDM 3D Drucker
• FDM 3D Drucker MakerBot Replikator
• Magnetrührer
• A3 Schneidplotter
• EggBot

Planned / aquisition

• Collaborating lightweight robot on mobile platform plus various end effectors
• Large format CO2 laser cutter
• Waterjet cutter
• Desktop milling machine
• Portable handheld 3D scanner
• FFF 3D printer, printing space approx. 230 x 190 x 200 mm, dual extrusion, e.g. Ultimaker S5 or comparable
• FFF 3D printer, installation space approx. 330 x 240 x 300 mm, dual extrusion, e.g. Ultimaker S3 or comparable
• STL 3D printer/resin printer
• Desktop computers, mobile computers, mobile devices
• Basic equipment for the production of various bio and smart materials
• Basic equipment Bio Lab, e.g. for the production of bioplastics, algae cultivation etc.
• Drying cabinet, vacuum chamber, microscope, high-performance mixer, hotplates, microwave, refrigerator etc.
• Soldering station, Smart Material/Electronics, Coding
• Basic tool equipment
• Basic technical equipment

The ego.incubator Materiability Lab is particularly aimed at the faculties of design and architecture and welcomes students and doctoral students who are eager to develop and experiment. In the context of transfer and networking events, students, research assistants and subject-related experts from all universities in Saxony-Anhalt are expressly welcome.

The versatile usability of the space offers a place for meeting and free exchange, designed for knowledge transfer, collaborative research and thinking, with a focus on diversity and variety. In order to make students, and especially graduates, aware of the possibilities of the incubator and the associated start-up potential even before they begin their theses, a number of activities and actions are planned.

A_ Basics Material and Technology

B_ Experimental Workshops

C_ Lectures and Events

D_ Open Colloquia


Current events and offers will be published here.

Prof. Dr. sc. Manuel Kretzer
Professor for Material and Technology in Design
Materiability Research Group
Director Ego.Inkubator Materiability Lab

Fachbereich Design I Hochschule Anhalt | Dessau
Schwabestraße 3 | 06846 Dessau-Roßlau
+49 (0) 340 5197 1719

Virginia Binsch
Product designer MA
Research Associate Materiability Research Group
Research Associate Ego.Inkubator Materiability Lab

Fachbereich Design I Hochschule Anhalt | Dessau
Schwabestraße 3 | 06846 Dessau-Roßlau
+49 (0) 340 5197 1733


Anhalt University of Applied Science
Campus Dessau
Building 05, Laboratory 26
Department of Design



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