Center for Entrepreneurship

It is possible to participate in start-up competitions as early as soon as a convincing idea has been conceived.. Finished innovative products or new companies can also be awarded prizes. Would you like to take part in one or more of the following competitions? Then get support from the Center for Entrepreneurship.

other current competitions

Nationwide competition target group application time Links
Gründerwettbewerb – Digitale Innovationen Information and communication technology half-yearly here
promotion Nordhessen all 30.11.2020 here
Startup-Impuls all beginning of January 2021 here
ThEx AWARD all 09.09.2020 here
BARC Start-up Award Business Intelligence, Datenmanagement unknown here
KUER Businessplan Wettbewerb Climate, environment, energy efficiency and resource conservation 31.10.2020 here
Regional competition target group application time Links
Gründerinnen/Unternehmerinnenpreis Sachsen-Anhalt self-employed women yearly here
Gründerpreis Dessau all yearly here
Hugo Junkers Preis Founders, inventors, companies and researchers from universities and research institutions in the country from 15.04.2020 to 01.10.2020 here
BESTFORM Award Culture and creative industries autumn 2020 here
Note: Due to the corona pandemic, the competitions may be void      

Coworking Spaces

Name City Links
Coworkingspace Fliegerhorst Goslar here
Docks Halle Halle here
SaltLabs workplaces + coffee GmbH Halle here
Paulus Akademie Halle Halle here
Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle Halle here
Elbtalent Magdeburg here
Qreativ Quatier Magdeburg here
Mitteldeutsche Kommunikations und Kongressgesellschaft mbH Magdeburg here
Kreativzentrum Magdeburg Magdeburg here
Merseburger Innovations und Technologiezentrum GmbH Merseburg here
Contorhaus Leipzig Leipzig here
Basislager Coworking Leipzig here
Raumstation GbR – Coworking in Leipzig Leipzig here
Chaos Coworking Leipzig Leipzig here
Basislager Coworking Leipzig Leipzig here
URBN Jungle Leipzig Leipzig here
SimpliOffice Leipzig Leipzig here
Coworking Harz Quedlinburg here

Retrospect on the Ideas Cup of 2019

At the beginning of April the FOUND IT! Anhalt University Center for Entrepreneurship encouraged students, graduates and employees of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences to participate with their product and/or service ideas in the FOUND IT! Ideas Cup 2019 in order to secure a total of EUR 3,200 in prize money in addition to a professional assessment.

At the end of the application period on 24 May 2019, the Centre for Entrepreneurship received 27 applications: From practical everyday helpers to highly specialised solutions for industry; from the first draft to the sophisticated business concept, submitted in text form, as storyboard, in German and in English.

The award winners were selected on Tuesday, 11 June 2019 at 7 p.m. at the TGZ Dessau (Education Centre in Dessau-Roßlau, Kühnauer Str. 24, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau). Prior to this, a pitch event took place in which the best ten creative minds fought for the jury's favour.


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