Augmented- und Virtual Reality Lab

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Almost everyone knows this metaphor. Media innovations such as augmented and virtual reality, summarized as extended reality (XR technologies), with their special features can create a completely new experience of content for the user through immersion. In doing so, they also change the way we as humans experience and share experiences with others as well as come into contact with information, interact with it and, for example, understand complex issues. XR technologies provide the basis for establishing new ways for (learning) experiences, products, services and business processes. XR technologies are to be understood as a cross-sectional topic of many disciplines.

How do we want to convey knowledge in the future in architecture, in design, in landscape architecture, in (online) marketing, in the real estate industry, in game development, in media design, etc.? What kind of experiences do we want to create? What role will XR technologies play in this process, what value will be added when they are used, what challenges might still need to be solved? In order to approach these technologies and their questions about their use in our own field and also to sensitize ourselves to its challenges, it is important to actively try them out and to experience and understand their effect on us as human beings.

The principle of enriching reality with virtual elements to the point of complete immersion in virtual worlds opens up a multitude of possible applications in the various disciplines, which are to be explored in the ego.-INKUBATOR Hybrid AR-VR Lab.

The main location of the lab is the Bernburg-Strenzfeld campus. Mobile equipment also enables use at other university locations.

3D-Werkstatt und Präsentationsraum
--> Bernburg, Thünenhaus, Geb.08, R:008:102

6x HP Workstation (VR Ready)for comfortable and efficient 3D modeling & visualization (Software: u.a. Adobe CC, Free DTP Gimp / Scribus/ Incscape, Sketch Up Pro, Lumion, Unity, Blender, Visual Studio 2017, bei Bedarf erweiterbar!)  1x FDM Drucker, Dual Extrusions Option max. Druckb. HxBxT: 215 x 215 x 200 mm Dual / STL, OBJ, 3MF, Software CURA 1x 3D-Scanner (Structured Light Handheld Scan, Free Scan oder automat. Scan mit Drehteller & Stativ; Innenraum; Genauigkeit: 0,05 0,3 mm / Color & texture scan/ OBJ, STL, PLY)  6x Motion-Capture Systeme: Kinect für Xbox, Gestures and speech capture; Windows PC One-Sensor + Kinect-Adapter

Multiuser VR-Illusionsraum
--> Campus Bernburg, Innovationswerkstatt, Geb. B051

5 persons at the same time in VR real-time session, 110 sqm movement space, free movement thanks to backpack PC's, demo versions & own projects (Link to Unity) 1x Control-PC, 1x Asset-Server 5x Backpack PC`s + VR HMD + Handtracking (no Controllers) 1x Raumtracking: Optitrack Kamera System, Active Pucks (Integration of real objects into virtual world)

mobiles Equipment
--> all 3 Location of AnhaltUniversity

3x mobile workstation (VR-Ready) ; different AR &VR HMD's (u.a. HTC Vive, MS HoloLens, Samsung Gear VR,) mobile devices (Android- und Windows-Tablets / -Smartphones) 360 ° camera (Samsung Gear 360, 1. Generation)

XR technologies first of all have to be experienced by yourself and that's exactly what you can do here! The various offers provide a theoretical and practical first introduction. They support the development of research questions, sensitize to the challenges and offer space to form interdisciplinary teams.

XR Introduction

Here you will get a theoretical introduction to the topic of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies. The differences between the various technologies will be presented, current areas of application will be shown and various XR demos can be tried out. Here you will also find all information about the lab (location, possible uses, equipment) and information about further workshops and events.

XR Basics & Experimentation Workshops

Here you will find a practical introduction in the form of various workshops. Among other things, basic knowledge of Unity is taught. The workshops offer a first orientation for self-study to raise the desire for more.

XR intensive days

Here it is getting down to the point. Blocked on several days we work intensively on small individual XR prototypes, which are based on your professional background. The concentrated load of theory and practice meets an inspiring open working atmosphere and interdisciplinary working groups.

Dates can be found here under NEWS.

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Current situation

Access to the premises is possible in consultation with the coordinator (Ms. Susanne Raabe). Currently, a maximum of 3 people are allowed to work in the 3D –Werkstatt and Innovationswerkstatt at the same time. Coordinator can be reached via mail, phone and via video conferencing system. Rental of equipment is possible by arrangement. There are currently no guided tours.

Current events

No events are currently offered.

New events are being planned and will be announced starting in April 2021.

We are an interdisciplinary team and the Hybrid AR-VR Lab was developed in cooperation of various consultants from the different departments at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. In this way, we can cover a wide range of Start Up related questions and project ideas from different areas of expertise in the field of augmented-, mixed- and virtual- reality- technologies. For developing project ideas / evaluating a StartUp idea or by generating a final thesis topic feel free to contact us.

Participants who are interested in AR- & VR- Technologies and the motivation to explore the chances and possibilities in their own field are very welcome.

Talk to us, we'll support you!


Susanne Raabe
Landschaftsarchitektur, M.Eng. 
Wiss. Mitarbeiterin ego.-INKUBATOR Hybrid AR-VR Lab
Mitarbeiterin Fachgebiet Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien in der Landschaftsarchitektur

+49 (0)3471 355-1186


Hochschule Anhalt University of Applied Science
Campus Bernburg
Strenzfelder Allee 28 | 06406 Bernburg
Thünenhaus Geb.08, R:008:102